Team India ropes in Kejriwal to preempt English moves

Posted by on November 16, 2012. Filed under Archives, Cricket.

New Delhi. It happened a few days back. Not finding Kejriwal on Television for the last few days, Mocking Now did some independent investigation.

We learn that Kejriwal’s uncanny ability to unearth even the deepest buried inside information has found a taker from the most unexpected corner. A source tells that the all powerful BCCI has roped him to get never-thought and never-discussed team strategies from the England camp.

Jimmy Anderson also showed a picture, which was nothing but Julian Assange and Arvind Kejriwal’s passport size photos put together

Rajiv Shukla, the BCCI vice president, also known for his penchant of opening his mouth mostly at the wrong time, reveals the background behind the development. “It was an easy choice for us and we have approached the best guy in the interest of the Team. Arvind’s instrumental discovery of rare of the rarest scams has increased the general knowledge of many in Congress Party including me. In fact he taught us a few more possible avenues of corruption”, tells Shukla, closing his mouth back just before declaring the Kejriwal’s new assignment as a reward to him.

Kejriwal was not available for reaction, but his close aide Manish Sisodia confirmed the news. “Yes, we received an offer from BCCI, and Arvind considered it seriously. This would broaden our horizon and we may also discover a few scandals in cricket, which is more like an unexplored territory for us”, says Manish adding that “apparently Arvind is irritated with his comparison to bombshell Rakhi Sawant by Digvijay Singh and wants to expose in a non-political field for some time.”

Interestingly Kejriwal is not an unknown to English players. James Anderson, who a few days back told his teammates not to give too much respect to Sachin, told that he had heard Kejriwal’s name alongside Julian Assange, the brain behind wiki-leaks. He reveals that, “In UK, Arvind’s exposes are called K-strings, on the lines of G-strings.”

Jimmy is not too puzzled by Kejriwal joining Team India, and is confident that Brits do clean scams and don’t leave any clue behind. “Forget one, even thousand Kejriwals can’t intercept us.”

Meanwhile, as the demand “We need more Kejriwals” grows louder on Facebook, the clone-scientists have tapped the opportunity to duplicate a hundred more Kejriwals to start with. If the experiment is successful, IAC plans to deploy them in all possible fields.

A cable sent to 10, Janpath on the K-cloning remained unanswered.